How Email Marketing can help you keep up with the changing dynamics of the market. Email Marketing for 2021 and beyond!

How Email Marketing can help you keep up with the changing dynamics of the market. Email Marketing for 2021 and beyond!

In the era of social media marketing, mass advertising and cutting edge technology, marketers tend to be a bit skeptical about using email as a source of marketing. However, with the mass amount of data being produced every single second, sometimes all it takes to nurture, convert and pursue the lead is an email.  Specifically, in a post-pandemic era, something is as simple as stirring things up in the marketing world. 

Every year trillions of emails are sent in order to capture, retain or convert customers in a cost effective and inexpensive way. Traditional market channels are over-saturated and cannot be categorized as a source of organic distribution channels. Don’t believe us?

The statistics say so! In today’s post-pandemic world where people have been working from homes, their usage of emails have increased significantly. 

The next question comes now, why has your email marketing not proved effective for you? The answer is simple, your content is just not engaging and interactive enough. Latest trends, interactive methods, strategies and relevant call to action are amongst many ways one could improve their email marketing. 

Moreover, including email marketing in your marketing mix can help you measure an important metric called ROI. The usefulness of this ROI (Return on Investment)  is not only to identify which marketing strategy has proved to be effective, but also to identify the potential problems.

Simpler steps like fine tuning your strategy could do the job after identifying the problem, like improving the content, subject line, adding relevant call to action buttons, or adjusting bounce rates. Another important factor is that email marketing can help you to target customers in any point of the sales funnel; awareness till customer retention. 

With time, as you improve your strategies, you will see your objectives and ROI being achieved. So, our stance that email marketing is not dead and is not dying anytime soon remains the same. Till date, a huge percentage of people check their emails every day, most of them even check it multiple times a day.


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