Frequently Asked Questions

We at Utilis BPO build lasting and meaningful connections to turn every interaction into a lasting success. 


  • Amazon Customer Support Outsourcing                   
  • Call Center Outsourcing                                             
  • E-Commerce Support                                                 
  • Tele-Marketing Outsourcing                                          
  • Collection & Recovery
  • Outsource Email Support

An inbound call is when you receive calls from customers.The calls come from existing customers with questions, queries and issues regarding your product/service.

In an outbound call, our team makes outgoing calls to the customers, in order to either inform, engage, retain, or convert a lead (cold or warm) into measurable sales volume. 

Outsourcing call center services are one of the most crucial back office support as it can save a lot of your resources. It will serve you with anything starting from the first phase of the project management lifecycle to execution and timely completion without compromising on quality.

By utilizing eCommerce support. you can enable your business to expand and different advantages like low financial costs, international selling, retargeting customers, converting leads, increasing sales volume etc.

Outsourced telemarketing can streamline your sales channel, by focusing and targeting potential customers by effectively engaging, chasing, following up and reengaging your target market.


Why Us?

Our consistent partnership with progressive and ambitious businesses around the world has enabled them to stay ahead of the curve, and exceed competition and customer experience.

Automating, reengineering and streamlining your complex operations whilst

Responsive and efficient processes within your reach, at a fraction of cost.

Exponential growth, documentation, executing and tracking business processes so you focus on your revenues.