Aidevisor is providing turnkey back office support (listing, PPC, supply chain management & logistics handling) to few E-commerce and Amazon Sellers from Canada, US, UK, EU and UAE, selling in US, Japan, UK, Canada, EU and GCC markets. They are managing multiple clients who are selling over 100 unique SKUs each, having annual turnover in millions of dollars.

Aidevisor possesses an innovative working environment to provide their clients with ‘out of the box’ ideas, rather than providing traditional solutions. They greatly emphasize customer satisfaction, and make sure that customers’ requirements are met satisfactorily. Aidevisor takes pride in their team and organizational culture. You are encouraged to go through their services list, and visit their testimonials to see what clients have said about them.

eTek Studio is a high end web 3.0 design & development, graphic & print media design, web & desktop software development and SEO (search engine optimization) studio, providing quality services to a diversified range of clients worldwide.

Companies like AT&T and GE are using a CRM built by eTek Studio. (formerly and (an Amazon business) are clients of eTek Studio.


It has branded itself as a ‘can-do studio’, that believes in long term relationships with clients. Client satisfaction is their cornerstone. They especially focus on satisfying every pixel of their clients requirement, by going extra miles. This approach has resulted in long term client loyalty.

Work Lobby believes in providing businesses options, flexibility and access to a thriving community. They offer bright, inspiring workspaces that can be customized to individual needs, within consistently professional environments, to aid in working comfortably.

Their office space, coworking environments, individual pods, business lounges and meeting rooms come with everything taken care of. Experienced, friendly staff sort all the details and services, so people can be more productive and stay focussed on what’s important.

Trucking Go offers dispatching services to truck owners, operators, and truck fleets, with the aim of making their already challenging job easier by removing any factors that add to the difficulties. Our commitment to transparency and refusal to engage in any fraudulent practices is steadfast, and we firmly believe that what goes around comes around. We believe in transparency and honesty in all our dealings and excel in communication to keep our clients informed every step of the way.

Our extensive carrier network and management system ensure that we are a reliable partner to help you achieve your business goals with ease. Our well-connected and well-managed carrier system helps you navigate the most complicated and dynamic logistics with ease. is a local Pakistani startup specifically created to give back to society, created by a group of enthusiastic and patriotic adventurers with a passion to explore the breathtaking beauty of Pakistan and share the experiences with the world.


Pakistan is blessed with all the 5 seasons, plains, sea, deserts, mountain ranges and multiple designated UNESCO World Heritage sites. team is focused on promoting tourism in Pakistan between locals, expats and foreigners, by creating customized secure tours with a special focus on Honeymoon trips.


Why Us?

Our consistent partnership with progressive and ambitious businesses around the world has enabled them to stay ahead of the curve, and exceed competition and customer experience.

Automating, reengineering and streamlining your complex operations whilst

Responsive and efficient processes within your reach, at a fraction of cost.

Exponential growth, documentation, executing and tracking business processes so you focus on your revenues.