BPO services in a post-pandemic world: Engaging human interaction in a digital era. 

BPO services in a post-pandemic world: Engaging human interaction in a digital era. 

Covid-19 has proved to be a catalyst for transformation of business models, with rapidly changing markets, economies and trends. As the pandemic was evolving, and businesses were facing disrupted supply chains, a shift towards cross-functional operations was key in order to minimize the risks. In order to cut down on extra operational costs, without having to compromise on market growth, BPOs were on the rise offering various operations such as manufacturing, finance, marketing, distribution, information systems and design. 

As we emerge into a post-pandemic world with businesses continuing their growth, BPOs have been responding flexibly and proactively in the new normal. There are disadvantages with outsourcing one’s entire business process, but businesses have adopted strategies to identify and rectify the mistakes they have been making. Effective measures to maintain real time governance, control, communication and data security can help businesses implement protocols.

 This is less about outsourcing and more about the operating models of the business, and going digital has introduced a balance. Even before the global pandemic, a lot of progressive businesses were turning digital, and in order to stay ahead of the curve, BPO services filled in the gaps. And where a lot of people have the view that BPOs will no longer be contracted for long term after the pandemic, we still think that the ‘new normal’ has transformed business models entirely and outsourcing will maintain its place.

Our stance remains the same, with sufficient reasoning, work from home models and BPOs are here to stay. The impact on the business models have shown to have long-term results and impacts, and thus, BPO companies can avail and respond correctly for a long term future. 


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